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How Much Is 1 Carat Moissanite Diamond?

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Moissanite diamond, chemical name is synthetic silicon carbide, the chemical composition is SiC, near colorless. Its appearance is very similar to that of a diamond. It needs at least 10 times magnifying glasses to observe its contents. Still, its price is one-tenth of that of diamond, so it is considered a good substitute for diamond.

Princess cut moissanite

Moissanite diamond was initially developed and researched by the American moissanite stone company. After the patent protection expired in 2016, all countries in the world began to produce moissanite diamonds.

Refractive index2.56-2.69
Density3.22 g / cm3
Moissanite Specification

Chemical name synthetic silicon carbide. Fifty thousand years ago, a meteorite cut through the sky and fell into Arizona, forming a giant crater 570 feet deep and a mile in diameter. Some debris was scattered in the desert. In 1893, Nobel Laureate French chemist Dr. Henri Moissan discovered these sparkling silicon carbide fragments in the Diablo Canyon.

In 1905, this new gem was named after Moissan internationally as an honor for Henri Moissan’s contribution to the scientific and technological research of Moissan. Moissanite gems are rare and can only be found in extreme environments, such as meteorites, mantle rocks, and even inclusions in small diamonds. One hundred years later, the North Carolina laboratory first developed a large moissanite gem for decoration with high technology.

In 1980, it was successfully researched and developed in the laboratory. In 1996, C3 company, an American listed company, produced it exclusively. Combining technology and patent cutting technology showed a sparkle more brilliant than diamonds and successfully introduced marketing.

In 2016, Moissan diamonds achieved D-F flawless color with the “Forever one series”, monopolizing the high-quality Moissan diamond market. In the same year, the international R&D patents expired. The world began to invest in the research and development of Moissanite.

In 2019, Belgium Square Silicone cultivated the real D-color flawless extremely white magic star diamond in three years. And they applied the mature Belgian diamond craftsmanship to the magic star diamond to create an extremely similar diamond with both properties and appearance. White Moissan diamonds have become a representative of high-quality Moissan diamonds.

Characteristic for Moissanite:

Moissanite diamond is a common name for synthetic silicon carbide, which has the optical and physical properties of South African diamond. The fire color is more than 2.5 times of natural diamond and synthetic diamond.

Moissanite diamond is colorless. Its fire color in different environments will produce different fire color effects with the intensity of light. Because of its high refractive index, It is yellowish in the dim light environment. Moissanite diamond is the best H-I color with vvs1 clarity.

1) Growth environment:

Diamond is a natural growth of carbon minerals in the underground, and its output is low. Moissanite diamond combines carbon and silicon minerals through cultivation, high risk, and low production in the cultivation process.

2) Fire color:

The high price of a diamond is due to its unique, attractive fire color. The dispersion index (fire color) is 0.044. The charm of the moissanite diamond is that its color index (fire color) is higher than that of the diamond, as high as 0.104. The fire color flicker in different environments is higher than that of diamond and is seven colors.

3) Hardness:

Diamond is the toughest gem in nature, with Mohr’s hardness of 10, and Mohr’s hardness of 9.25


1.Color colorless, Blue, Green, Yellow-green, Yellow, Gray

2.Hardness 9.25

3.Glossy glass, submetallic luster

4.Streaks grey green

5.Transparent to opaque

6.Density 3.218 – 3.22g/cm

“Moissanite diamond” is almost colorless, superior to diamond’s luster, fire color, and brightness, but the price is several times different. Moissanite diamond is the world’s top natural cultivation “diamond.”

1. Moissanite diamond is a kind of natural mineral carbon and silicon, which has been cultivated for nearly ten months in a specific environment to form a new mineral. Its main components and characteristics are similar to those of diamond, which is difficult to distinguish by the naked eye. The diamond-like reaction was detected with a test pen.

2. The brightness and refractive index of moissanite diamond are higher than that of diamond, making it the brightest gem in the world. Rare is the fire color, dazzling temptation, become the focus of attention. Its hardness is as high as 9.25, second only to diamonds. It is the second hardest gem in the gem industry. It can maintain its brightness and clarity when worn commonly, and its fire color characteristics remain unchanged.

3. Moissanite diamond is popular among fashion people in Europe, America, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, and other markets, becoming their favorite jewelry. Its appearance and characteristics are similar to those of diamonds, and it isn’t easy to distinguish between them. Also, the price of a one-carat moissanite diamond is only one-tenth of that of a diamond.

The appearance of a moissanite diamond is the same as that of a diamond. Its price is only one-tenth of that of a diamond. It has passed the GIA quality appraisal of the American Gem Institute. Moissanite diamond is a combination of carbon and silicon minerals through cultivation. Its cultivation process is not only a long time, high risk but also low output

How much is 1 carat top moissanite diamond?

Diamonds are fine gems, but Moissanite is artificial after all, so there is a big difference between the two grades. It costs at least $1500 to buy a one-carat diamond. Still, the price of Moissanite is only one-tenth of that of a diamond, which also means that you can buy a one-carat Moissanite for a few hundred dollars.

When a Moissanite is perfectly cut and polished, it will become very shining Moissanite, indistinguishable from diamonds in appearance and form. Later the gem was named Moissanite. The appearance of Moissanite is very similar to that of natural diamond, which is difficult to distinguish by the naked eye. It is also a kind of gem whose physical characteristics are closest to natural diamond.

The internal structure, numerical value, and appearance of Moissanite are strikingly similar to those of diamonds. Even if the diamond pen is used for detection, it will be judged as diamonds and difficult to distinguish. But Moissanite can shine more brightly than diamonds, and the fire color is more amazing. At the same time, the price of Moissanite is only 1 / 10 of that of diamonds!

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