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Is Moissanite Worth Buying! The Questions You Want To Know!

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First of all, I want to tell you the difference between Moissanite and Diamond: moissanite is a synthetic gem, which was first found in a very small number of meteorites. Moissanite diamond and diamond have several things in common; they are colorless and transparent, with Mohr hardness as high as 9.25 (diamond Mohr hardness is 10) and a high refractive index of 2.65 (diamond is 2.41). When a moissanite diamond is polished, it will become a shining moissanite diamond, indistinguishable from a diamond in appearance.

Different size and shape moissanite stones

1. The dispersion and refractive index of moissanite are higher, and the result is that the fire color is better than diamond; 

2. The hardness of moissanite is 9.25, second only to diamond, so it is very suitable for wearing as jewelry; 

3. The physical characteristics of the two are close so that moissanite can pass the diamond pen. Maybe you don’t care about the slightest difference in characteristics, but care about “wearing Moissanite will make people feel that it is not diamond.” My answer is: it won’t wear the moissanite, the general people will think it is the fire color perfect diamond. Even most moissanite is more complete than diamonds. There is always a little defect in natural. The quality of the moissanite cultivated in the laboratory can be controlled better. A good Moissanite is almost perfect. Moissanite is not a fake diamond; it is a synthetic gem, which can also be used as the best substitute for a diamond! 

How to choose moissanite? Before the first time, the United States mastered the synthetic method of moissanite, which is also the most advanced. The artificial level of moissanite is perfect! But with the development of science and technology, China has fully mastered this technology! And constantly improve! With the improvement of domestic technology, the production cost of synthetic moissanite is getting lower and lower! I think that whether you choose moissanite or diamond, you have to decide according to your own needs!

1.Sparkle and outstanding gemstone characteristics

It takes dozens of days to produce high-quality moissanite. Its main composition and characteristics are similar to those of diamond, which is difficult to distinguish by naked eyes. However, the brightness, refractive index, and fire color of moissanite are higher than those of diamond. It is the most shining gem in the world, and the fire color is dazzling, becoming the focus of attention. Its hardness is as high as 9.25, second only to natural diamonds. It is the second hardest gem in the world of gemstones. Daily wear can keep its brightness, clarity, and fire color constant. Therefore, it is not only natural diamonds that can be handed down forever. 

Types of gemsRefractive      (Brightness)Dispersion      (Fire)Gloss
Types of gemsHardnessToughness
moissanite fire and africa diamond fire comparison

2. Fashion, novel, and diverse design

Moissanite finished jewelry has various styles and novel designs, some of which refer to the design concepts of international top jewelry brands. Moissanite jewelry is mostly inlaid with 18K gold. As we all know, 18K gold is a brand new alloy; because of other precious metals. It has rich and colorful colors, which is the most direct advantage compared with pure gold. Secondly, the flexibility and hardness of 18K gold are much better than that of pure gold, so it has a better space in modeling and style. It can create more three-dimensional, changeable, and fashionable styles under the condition of ensuring the safety of gem inlay. Besides, 18K gold has more advantages in price because of its impure gold content. For example, 18K platinum is very similar to platinum in appearance and quality, but its price is much lower.

3. Light luxury, incomparable cost performance

The price of moissanite is less than one-tenth of that of natural diamond. Still, in the wearing experience, moissanite can also show the noble and elegant temperament of women and meet the needs of consumers for high-end jewelry. The appearance characteristics of moissanite are similar to diamond, but it is not “fake diamond” or “imitation diamond.” The trace of natural moissanite in nature is a kind of gem. In recent years, moissanite has been popular with fashion people in Europe, America, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, South Korea, and other markets and has become their favorite jewelry.

4. Teaser, convey my heart and say I love you. 

The most useful diamond is engagement or marriage. An engagement or wedding ring has emotional value rather than asset or investment value. In May 2018, De Beers, an industry giant that has always been mining and operating natural diamonds, launched synthetic diamonds, which shows that natural diamonds can not maintain or increase their value. 

The wedding ring has only two functions: 1. It’s beautiful to wear; 2. It’s a witness of love’s happiness. Therefore, we need to use a reasonable cost to achieve the best effect. No matter in terms of cost performance or beauty, Moissanite has completely surpassed diamonds and can be as permanent as diamonds. Hence, the fire color and luster are more attractive. I believe that designing and selecting custom-made Moissanite jewelry will bring you and your lover a unique warmth and make love unique.

5. Investment, the quality of life can be higher.

Jewelry is bought for daily wear to meet the pursuit of beauty and unique fashion taste. Suppose the jewelry can be put in the window or jewelry box because of its high price. In that case, the jewelry itself may lose the significance of wearing.

I want to explain here that small diamonds do not have the function of maintaining or appreciating value. Generally speaking, diamonds are divided into 10 grades. Diamonds with more than 1 carat are called carat diamonds, while diamonds with less than 0.1 carats are called broken diamonds. The quality of these broken drills is generally poor, the price is lower, and they are easy to lose and damage. More importantly, only diamonds with more than 2 carats are likely to appreciate, and diamonds with less than 1 carat can not even be resold or traded.

6. Environmental protection contributes to our earth

To get what people love. Rare gems are good, and rare gemstones are precious. But if we exploit them wantonly, what will be left to our children and grandchildren? In the end, it will only destroy us. Moissanite is worthy of environmental protection jewelry. Scientific researchers use advanced technology to simulate the natural environment of gem growth after years of exploration and research. They finally cultivate permanent fire color and never wear Moissanite in the laboratory. It greatly enriches the original stone reserve of jewelry, makes jewelry have more fantastic development space.

Moissanite Diamond

Four reasons to choose labdiamondfactory jewelry to buy Moissanite

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3. Random recheck

Moissanite diamond has an identification certificate if required. An 18K gold ring has a precious metal identification certificate, arbitrary re-inspection, lifelong after-sales!

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