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Why moissanite over diamond? There are 10 Reasons

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Diamonds have been the traditional choice for engagement rings and fine jewelry for decades. But what if there was a gemstone that offered just as much beauty and durability, but at a fraction of the cost? Enter moissanite – a gemstone that is quickly gaining popularity as an alternative to diamonds.

Moissanite is a unique gemstone that was first discovered in 1893 by French scientist Henri Moissan. It is made up of silicon carbide and has a similar brilliance and fire to diamonds, making it an excellent choice for center stones in engagement rings or other fine jewelry pieces.

Choosing moissanite over diamonds involves considering several factors:

  1. Cost: Moissanite is significantly less expensive than diamonds. This price difference allows for larger, more impressive stones within the same budget.
  2. Ethical Considerations: Moissanite is lab-created, offering a conflict-free alternative to diamonds. This aspect is particularly appealing to those concerned about the ethical implications of diamond mining.
  3. Durability: Moissanite is almost as hard as diamonds on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness, making it suitable for everyday wear. It’s a very durable stone, second only to diamonds.
  4. Brilliance and Fire: Moissanite has a higher refractive index than diamonds, resulting in more brilliance (sparkle) and fire (colorful flashes). This can make moissanite more eye-catching in some settings.
  5. Environmental Impact: The production of moissanite has a smaller environmental footprint compared to the mining and processing of diamonds.
  6. Variety in Color and Clarity: Moissanite comes in a range of colors and clarities, much like diamonds, but without the significant increase in price for high-grade colors and clarity levels.
  7. Heat Resistance: Moissanite has excellent heat resistance, making it less likely to be damaged during jewelry repairs involving high temperatures.
  8. Longevity: Moissanite is incredibly long-lasting and resistant to scratching, chipping, and breaking.
  9. Increasing Acceptance and Popularity: As awareness of moissanite grows, it’s becoming more accepted and sought after as a gemstone for engagement rings and other jewelry.
  10. Flexibility in Design: Because of its lower cost, moissanite allows for more flexibility in jewelry design, enabling more elaborate or larger settings that might be prohibitively expensive with diamonds.
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Differences Between Moissanite and Diamonds: Hardness, Brilliance, and Color

Moissanite vs. Diamond Hardness: A Mohs Scale Comparison

Moissanite, scoring 9.25 on the Mohs scale, is remarkably close to diamonds, which rank a perfect 10. This high score makes moissanite more durable than many realize, outperforming diamonds in resistance to daily wear and tear. Its ability to stay unscathed with regular use makes it a strong, practical choice for jewelry that lasts.

Moissanite vs. Diamonds: The Unique Rainbow Effect of Moissanite Gemstones

Moissanite gemstones stand out from diamonds with their distinctive “rainbow effect.” This phenomenon occurs due to moissanite’s higher refractive index, which bends light more effectively, creating a spectrum of colors that sparkle as the stone moves. Unlike diamonds, which primarily reflect white light for brilliance, moissanite’s rainbow-like flashes offer an additional layer of visual allure. This feature is particularly appealing to those who seek a gemstone with a unique, colorful display of light.

Moissanite vs. Diamond Color Grades: The Consistent Clarity of Moissanite

Moissanite distinguishes itself from diamonds with its naturally colorless quality, not subjected to the conventional D to Z color grading scale used for diamonds. Diamonds are valued based on their color grade, with the rarest, colorless varieties (graded D) being the most sought after. Moissanite, on the other hand, offers consistent clarity and brightness in every stone, eliminating the need to assess its color grade.

This uniformity makes moissanite an appealing option for those seeking a clear, high-quality gemstone without the variance found in diamond color grades. However, the unique hues in some diamonds may be desirable for their distinct character, making the choice between moissanite and diamonds a matter of personal taste and value in gemstone features.

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Best Places to Buy Engagement Rings: Moissanite or Diamond

Why Choose Moissanite Over Diamond?

There are several factors to consider. While diamonds have been the traditional choice for engagement wedding rings, moissanite offers some unique advantages that may be appealing to couples.

One of the most significant benefits of choosing a moissanite ring over a diamond is affordability. Moissanite rings are much more affordable than natural diamond engagement ring, making them an excellent option for couples who want to save money for other wedding traditions. With the savings from opting for a moissanite ring, couples can invest in their honeymoon or put money towards their future together.

Another advantage of moissanite gems is that they have a higher brilliance and fire than natural diamonds. This means that they reflect light better and appear more sparkly and radiant. In fact, many people actually prefer the look of moissanite over diamonds because of this added sparkle.

There are several options available. Online retailers like Brilliant Earth and James Allen offer a wide selection of both types of rings at competitive prices. Specialty jewelry stores like Charles & Colvard also specialize in selling high-quality moissanite jewelry.

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Best Places to Buy Moissanite Engagement Rings in US

If you’re considering purchasing a moissanite engagement ring in US local, here are some of the best places to buy for reference:

  1. Charles & Colvard – This specialty retailer specializes in selling high-quality lab-created gemstones including moissanites. They offer a wide range of styles and designs at affordable prices.
  2. Brilliant Earth – This online retailer offers ethically sourced diamonds as well as lab-created diamonds and other gemstones like moissanites. They offer free shipping and returns on all orders.
  3. James Allen – Another popular online retailer, James Allen offers a large selection of both diamond and moissanite engagement rings. They also offer free shipping and returns on all orders.
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Final Thoughts on Why Moissanite is a Better Choice Than Diamonds

The comparison between moissanite and diamonds reveals a compelling case for moissanite as the superior choice. Moissanite’s durability parallels that of diamonds, making it perfectly suited for everyday wear. Its exceptional brilliance and fire surpass diamonds, offering a more visually stunning gemstone. The affordability of moissanite is another significant advantage, allowing for the purchase of larger stones without the hefty price tag associated with diamonds.

Opting for moissanite not only ensures a considerable saving but also guarantees a unique and radiant gemstone. This makes moissanite an ideal choice for those seeking both beauty and value.

In conclusion, moissanite emerges as the optimal choice for those in search of a gemstone that doesn’t compromise on quality, durability, or aesthetic appeal, while also being budget-friendly. It stands as a testament to the remarkable qualities that make it a preferable alternative to diamonds for all jewelry needs.Frequently Asked Questions About Buying Moissanites and Diamonds

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Q1: Are moissanite stones fake diamonds?

A: No. Moissanites are not fake diamonds but they are different from them. They are made of silicon carbide while diamonds are made of carbon.

Q2: Can you tell the difference between moissanite and diamond?

A: Yes but only under magnification. To the naked eye, they look very similar.

Q3: Is moissanite just as durable as diamond?

A: Yes. In fact, they have almost the same hardness level so they’re both suitable for everyday wear.

Q4: How much cheaper is moissanite compared to diamond?

A: Moissanites can cost up to 100% less than diamonds depending on the size and quality of the stone.

Q5: Can I get a moissanite engagement ring?

A: Absolutely! We custom all kind of moissanite jewelry in various styles and designs.

Q6: Do moissanites lose their sparkle over time?

A: No. Moissanites are very durable and won’t lose their sparkle or brilliance over time.

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