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Six ways to maintain moissanite diamond wedding ring

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As time goes by, precious jewels are worth being collected for a lifetime and passed on from generation to generation. And proper care will maintain its lustre. Dust, pollution, or long-term frequent wearing may dim the gem’s brilliance. The surface of gold, platinum and sterling silver jewellery may also lose its lustre.

The long-term disrepair of the grips and locks may damage the gems and even the entire piece of jewelry. Each piece of jewellery will be made of different materials, and different materials require different maintenance methods. Here we will introduce how to use and maintain each jewellery material.

1. When it is removed, it is maintenance

It’s good to wear a moissanite diamond wedding ring, which should be replaced or removed according to the differences of people, events, time, place and things. Still, it may not be possible for busy modern people. It is better to take it off when washing hands. Because some soaps contain alkaline substances of different levels, it may cause damage to the weaker jewelry. Moreover, bathing, doing housework and diving are also easy to cause jewellery collision and injury.

2. Be alert to the use of an ultrasonic cleaning machine

The ultrasonic cleaning machine has a perfect cleaning effect on the ring of K-gold jewelry. The ornaments with K-gold washing effect can clean the oil dirt and dust in the jewelry cracks that the brush cannot brush. But ultrasonic cleaning machine is not suitable for all jewelry, such as pearl Jewelry with unique layout will be smashed when it is washed by ultrasonic wave. Also, the ultrasonic cleaning machine has a good washing effect. Use too frequently; it is easy to make the drill loose or even fall off due to repeated vibration.

3. Pay attention to the things with acid and alkali

Some things we encounter within our daily life or food contain different concentrations of acid or alkali. These different concentrations of acid-base chemicals may damage jewelry, especially diamonds or other organic jewelry..

When dressing, you should first makeup and spray perfume, then wear a ring to stop the higher concentration of dressing products or perfume directly touching this jewellery’s appearance. If you need to supplement the perfume, you should also stop the perfume directly spray wine to jewelry appearance.

4. Pay attention to the platinum diamond wedding ring

When wearing a claw set ring, It should be prevented to hook clothes and purses. If you hook the clothes, it will not cause the main stone to fall off immediately. Generally speaking, the order of wearing jewelry is to wear the clothes well. Try to think about wearing a single diamond ring inlaid with claws on your hand, and then dress and wear silk stockings. Is it a dangerous thing for clothing, silk stockings and jewelry?

There are many ways to set rings. The safest way not to hook clothes is to set them in bags. However, the whole waistline is wrapped in bags so that the light can not enter. Moreover, because the K-gold department uses more, the visual effect is not more attractive than the claw set. Therefore, claw set is still the most popular way in wedding ring market, but you need to pay attention to the wearing.

5. The magic of carrying a small platinum ring bag

You may have heard that some people take off the ring and put it on the washing table because of washing hands. They accidentally fall to the ground and get injured or slide into the drain. Or they forget about the top products of the washing table.

When you buy jewelry, the shop will give you a small box. Put it to safe. After many people take them out, the package is put in the fight at home instead of using, which is quite a pity. This small box has a magical function.  When you go out to wash your hands, you can take the ring off and put it into the box. If you develop this habit, you can significantly reduce the probability of leaving the ring. So don’t feel poor. Take a small ring box with you!

6. Check the platinum diamond wedding ring regularly

Busy modern consumers are often busy taking off the ring and putting it into the box after going home. Next time, they want to take it out and wear it.  You may spend little energy to inspect it. Spending a little more time to take care of your ring can greatly reduce the crisis. For example, is the diamond in the platinum ring stable without loosening? Is the Pearl Necklace tied firmly?

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