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Lab Created Diamond Cushion Ice Cut 2.5 Carats

Product Details

Lab Created Diamond Cushion Ice Cut: Elegance Redefined

Innovative Cushion Ice Cut: A New Era of Diamonds

Discover the stunning beauty of our Lab Created Diamond in an exquisite Cushion Ice Cut. This unique cut combines the classic cushion shape with a modern “ice” finish, resulting in a diamond that exudes both timeless elegance and contemporary appeal. Perfect for those seeking a unique yet sophisticated gemstone.

Sustainable Brilliance, Ethical Choice

Embrace the future with our Lab Created Diamond Cushion Ice Cut. Produced in a controlled environment, these diamonds offer a sustainable and ethical alternative to mined diamonds. By choosing our lab-created gems, you contribute to a more responsible and eco-friendly jewelry industry.

Versatile and Captivating for All Designs

The Cushion Ice Cut is incredibly versatile, making it ideal for a range of jewelry designs. From stunning engagement rings to breathtaking necklaces, this cut ensures each piece is a statement of luxury and style, appealing to a diverse clientele.

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