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Buy Moissanite Engagement Ring Custom Gold Jewelry

Metal: 925 Sterling/9k/10k/14/18k/platinum for optional

Stone: Moissanite

Carat : 1 ct or custumize

Color : D – H Color,

Clarity : VVS

Product Details

Moissanite engagement ring: The engagement ring with 1.0 carat moissanite stone of Level D Colour & VVS Clarity can be make as requirement. The very good pear cut makes the moissanite stone blinking and shimmering, completely show off its brilliance and fire.

Good gift for engagement: The moissanite stone means ‘forever’, ‘flawless love’ & ‘hard to be broken’, and that’s what promises you want to tell your lovers and will make to her. An action & a gift are much stronger than a word.

Main stone: The main stone is certified 1ct moissanite with perfect indicators, this is the miracle stone and it is very suitable for engagement.

Sold material: The engagement ring can be made of S925 sterling silver or k gold or platinum with great handmade polished, no filled, no hollow, no steel

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