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           Vesta Bee Jewelry it is a manufacturer specializing in the production and sale of jewelry. our mission is to play a key role in the jewelry industry.

            Provide global customers with cost-effective jewelry products and services. Strive to become an influential jewelry company. We have a gem cutting and grinding factory, The Company has more than 100 employees. It is an enterprise integrating design, production and sales. 

            The main products are Gemstones: lab grown diamonds, moissanite, lab emeralds, and other lab gemstones; Jewelry: K gold jewelry and 925 silver jewelry, etc. 

            Our products are sold to more than 100 countries around the world, our company has own diamond graders and inspectors, more than 30 craftsmen in diamond cutting, grinding and polishing, rich production experience, Support various complex shapes and cutting customization and all jewelry styles of the whole network are customized. Welcome to consult and customize.


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I wanted to surprise my fiancée with a custom-made moissanite engagement ring that matched her personality and style. I found this website that sells moissanite loose stones that I can use to create my own unique jewelry. They have a lot of options and choices when it comes to selecting the moissanite stone that suits my needs. They also have a lot of tips and advice on how to choose the right moissanite stone for my ring. I bought a 3 carat cushion cut Eternity moissanite stone that has an E color grade. It is flawless and colorless, and it has an amazing fire and brilliance. I took it to a local jeweler who set it in a halo setting with diamonds on the band. It looks like a dream come true, and my fiancée loved it so much. She said yes right away.
Melissa Cynthia
I was looking for a specific type of moissanite stone for a custom jewelry project, and I found it on this website. They have a huge selection of moissanite stones, from classic round to fancy shapes, from colorless to near colorless. They also have a lot of information and videos about moissanite on their website, which helped me learn more about this amazing gemstone. I ordered a 2 carat oval moissanite stone with a D color grade, and it arrived in just a few days. It was packaged securely and came with a certificate of authenticity. The stone is stunning and has more fire than any diamond I've ever seen. I'm very happy with my purchase, and I will definitely buy from them again."
Nathan Holland
I'm a hobbyist who likes to make my own jewelry with moissanite stones. I have bought several moissanite loose stones from this website, and I'm very impressed by their products and service. They have a lot of fun and creative designs that inspire me to make my own jewelry. They also have a lot of videos to see moissanite stones quality. They also have a friendly and supportive community of moissanite lovers who share their tips and experiences with me. They are the best website for moissanite loose stones.
Max Johnson

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Certain factors such as market reputation, years of operation in said industry, and efficiency determine which Moissanite Supplier you can trust! Especially when you are looking for a moissanite supplier to resource your raw materials for your business, it’s important to find an organization you can trust. Besides, the organization from which you can source the best moissanite loose stones needs to provide effective pricing so that it does not increase the cost of production. Vesta Bee Jewelry understands these fundamental requirements as a seasoned supplier of moissanite stones and arranges the product ranges accordingly. 

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