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What To Look for In How To Buy Moissanite Ring Online 2022

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Moissanite is a new gemstone category that has more fire, brilliance, and glitter than any other gemstone, especially diamonds! It is not cubic zirconia or an American diamond, but instead a glass piece. It is a diamond-like gemstone that appears and lasts a lifetime. Let’s see the concept of moissanite so that you can purchase the best pieces from the best company.

Why is Moissanite used?

If you’ve done any research on diamonds, you’ve probably come across the term “conflict-free.” Did you know that there has been a lot of strife and corruption in the diamond industry in recent years? In 2013, the Central African Republic had a civil war, with both sides battling over the country’s diamond wealth. Thousands have perished, and over a million have been displaced.”

For this and other reasons, some people have chosen to go beyond the traditional diamond engagement ring. Jewellery businesses have created fantastic procedures for manufacturing diamonds (carbon) and moissanite (silicon carbide) in a lab. These lab-created stones result in a more ethical and ecologically sustainable approach, a lesser carbon footprint, and, most importantly, a far cheaper price tag! There are various reasons to consider alternatives to classic diamond engagement rings, like the gorgeous moissanite engagement rings.

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What factors to consider while purchasing moissanite?

1. Forms and Sizes: The wonderful thing about moissanite engagement rings is that they are available in a wide range of shapes and sizes. They are also flattering to both men and women. Diamonds are also used in certain moissanite engagement rings.

2. Price: The major reason why people prefer moissanite to diamonds is that it is far less expensive. A moissanite engagement ring is less than half the price of a diamond engagement ring.

3. Durability: Another advantage of selecting a moissanite ring is that it will outlast a diamond engagement ring. When diamonds are worn, they are prone to scratching and breakage. Moissanite, on the other hand, does not scratch easily and will not deteriorate over time.

4. Brilliance and Fire: Moissanite has a greater refractive index than diamond. As a result, they sparkle brighter than diamonds.

5. Ethical considerations: When purchasing a diamond, it is important to examine where it comes from. When it comes to diamond mining, several countries do not follow ethical standards. Moissanite, on the other hand, originates from mines that adhere to stringent rules. Most significantly, because moissanite is lab-grown, it does not harm the environment through unfavourable mining practices.

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Which moissanite engagement rings are available in the best companies?

There are several types of moissanite engagement rings available nowadays. They generally come in a variety of forms and sizes. As a result, they generate diversity in order to cater to the many tastes and preferences of the market’s jewellery aficionados. The three most frequent varieties of moissanite engagement rings are as follows:

  • Round moissanite engagement rings are typically favoured by couples looking for something basic yet exquisite. They are ideal as a wedding band or as an addition to an existing ring. If you want your fiancé to wear a ring that appears like a conventional wedding band, round moissanite rings are a perfect alternative.
  • Oval rings: Stone can be used in a ring design or as a stand-alone component. An oval Moissanite engagement ring works well as a solitaire or as a centre stone in another setting.
  • Square moissanite engagement rings are ideal for use as a centrepiece in any ring style. They are popular because they are simple to construct and keep. Square moissanite engagement rings are available in a variety of forms, including square, rectangle, triangle, circle, hexagon, octagon, and others.


There are several aspects to consider while looking for Moissanite engagement rings, including size, colour, cut, clarity, carat weight, pricing, durability, fire resistance, brightness, and more. If you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind engagement ring, moissanite may be the ideal choice for you.

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