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All You Need to Know Before Buying Moissanite Stone

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Buying any form of jewelry for any purpose is always a big decision. And if the object of your latest fascination is Moissanite, there are several things you need to know before making the big decision. No doubt concerning the value and beauty of Moissanite. That is why getting all information and facts is critical. So. what should you know before buying Moissanite loose stones jewelry?

Are Moissanites Diamonds or Not?

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The truth is that Moissanites are not diamonds except that they possess all the qualities and more of diamonds like the rarity, luster, clarity, hardness, etc. Moissanite is a hard material or substance in existence. The hardness exceeds that of a diamond and has exceptional attractive qualities expected in a rare gem. 

Are Moissanites Natural or Artificial?

Natural and lab-produced or processed Moissanite jewelry is a reality. Natural Moissanite is rare, especially in the fiery color options that are hard to come by. The rarer, the more attractive and costlier. Artificial Moissanite is processed and polished to the highest levels of perfection and appearance.  

Does Moissanite Jewelry Have Resell Value?  

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The answer is yes if well preserved by the owner. Moissanites has a higher refractive quality than diamond. That gives it the exceptional glitter and sparkle earlier attributed only to diamonds.   

Which Moissanite color, cuts, and designs suits your needs?

Moissanite cuts, designs, and colors are many, and sometimes choosing just one is impossible. In that case, relying on instincts driven by personal choices and information is vital.  

Is Moissanite Affordable and Worth Investing or Buying?

Moissanite has unique features and qualities that make the gemstone appealing and attractive. But is it affordable? The various colors, cuts, designs, carats, and other parameters determine its affordability. Overall, Moissanites are affordable. 

Special Moissanite Qualities to Remember and Watch Out For 

1. Fire Brilliance and Attraction

 Moissanite is highly fire-resistant even at exposure to excessive heat. The high refractive index and low dispersion are pluses to the gem. The high luster and shine all make it attractive as a gemstone.  

2. Durability and Longevity 

It’s the hardest precious mineral and gemstone. The high resistance to tear, wear and breakdown is a plus in durability. Moissanite is highly scratch-resistant and retains its original value after many years of usage. 

3. Hardness and Strength

The hardest gemstone has similar qualities to diamonds and other precious gemstones. The difference is the resilience in strength under extreme weather and tests. 

4. Anti-Corrosive and Break

To break or scratch a Moissanite is impossible. The inert anti-corrosive strength and anti-break quality make Moissanite extra precious and attractive as gemstones.  

5. Affordable in Multiple Colors

The advantage of getting a Moissanite is the rich diversity of color options. You can choose from several sparkling and glittering gemstones to enhance your jewelry collection. 

In Conclusion  It matters where you shop or search for your Moissanite as it determines whether you get the classic and original or something closer to that. At Vesta Bee, a leading global Moissanite wholesaler and exporter of Moissanites, customers are assured of the best quality gems at the most competitive prices. 

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