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5 Best Price Moissanite Wholesaler

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Moissanite is a silicon carbide that occurs naturally, and it was discovered in tiny amounts transported to earth by an alluring meteorite. It glows like no other gemstone on the planet, and with the fire, vividness, and luster, they are considerably greater than that of a diamond. This is typically composed of silicon and carbon and is also one of the most durable elements on the earth. As the moissanite has a strong structure, it is extremely resistant to chipping, shattering, and scratching. In addition, these diamonds are available in a range of elegant shapes and sizes.

Furthermore, going with the wholesaler can help you to buy the moissanite at a reasonable price. Read the below lines to know the 5 best moissanite dealers. 

Vesta Bee Jewelry 

Vesta Bee Jewelry was established in the year of 2012. It is primarily specializing in moissanite stones and jewelry customize industry exportation in China, which has a strong development team and high technical level. It provides any design and manufacturing to the customers. Further, they assure you the high-quality products with reasonable prices and supply for wholesale and retail. Moreover, their expert team keeps close cooperation with customers and helps them to get more profit. Also, one of the big advantages of buying their product is they have the best standard and are cost-effective. 

Mumtaz Exports 

Moissanite of Mumtaz Exports

Mumtaz Exports was founded in Gujarat in the year of 2018. It is an Indian wholesale trader of the exceptional quality selection of Agate Plate, Agate Slices, Tumbled Stone, and others. They are also a sole proprietorship company that sources items from reliable market sellers. Then they sell them to you at reasonable pricing. Under the direction of Kutbuddin Shaik (CEO), they have been able to satisfactorily gratify their customers. This CEO has extensive knowledge and expertise in this industry.

Nakshu Jewels 

Moissanite Nakshu Jewels

The Nakshu Jewels are committed to providing their clients with the most enthralling and first-class diamond selection, precious stones, and so on. Authentic items like White Moissanite, Black Loose Moissanite Stones, and others are regularly promised by the organization. Each product they sell is subjected to accurate quality testing to assure that they meet the diamond requirements and precious stone industries. Further, they fully perform quality work and ensure to stay honest with every customer. This is located in Surat, Gujarat, India. 


Paigems is a leading moissanite diamond exporter, importer, manufacturer, supplier, and wholesaler. It is located in Khambhat, Gujarat, India, and was established in 2004. It is a maker of different kinds of black and colored moissanite diamonds. All products that are black moissanite diamond, green, blue, white, and yellow are all in excellent form and cutting. They also sell other products, including color beads, black beads, pendants, and more. The Paigems is well-known for the high-quality products and service from Khambhat. Its CEO is Mr. Dilkaf H Mansuri, who has more knowledge and experience in the profession. 

Wuzhou Provence Jewelry Co., Ltd

Wuzhou Provence Jewelry Co., Ltd is developed in Wuzhou, Guangxi, China, which is the world capital of synthetic germs. It sells moissanite loose, Cubic Zirconia, Spinel, Corundum, moissanite gold jewelry, and more. Also, they supply nano stone, glass crystal, synthetic opal, and silver accessories. After more than a decade of development, their firm now has a technical, professional, and excellent workforce. In addition, they have an advanced stone processing facility, a wealth of management expertise, and a huge quantity of precious stones. Furthermore, they are the best place to order moissanite in large quantities.

Final Thoughts 

These are the reliable companies to order the best moissanite at a reasonable cost across the world. Choose the one that you like most and buy your favorite moissanite jewelry. It helps to purchase high-quality ornaments at an affordable cost.

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